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Marcia Blane is a Licensed Professional Counselor who completed her BS in Psychology in Human Services in 2011, obtained her Masters of Mental Health Counseling in 2015, and became a Certified Life Coach in 2016. Marcia spent years delivering empowering messages to women throughout multiple empowerment venues. Marcia is a natural trainer and developed the skills of delivery through training others for the federal government. You will often hear her say, “delivery is everything.” Marcia is an author who has penned, Warfare: Breaking the Bonds of Codependency (2001), Peculiar One Guided Journal (2020), Making Progress in the Process to Fulfill Your Purpose (2022), and multiple titles being worked on. As a professional, Marcia can be found guiding individuals with the knowledge and wisdom that she has gained. Her profound professional statement is, “it’s just knowledge, pass it on.”
As a gifted motivator, Marcia utilizes her innate ability to encourage others enthusiastically to walk a path of remarkable self-discovery. While on their journey, individuals will learn how to unlock their authentic existence and unleash the essential greatness that lies within them. Marcia masterfully implants valuable pearls of practical wisdom and nuggets of hope that will support individuals to realistically achieve their dreams while living a life of intended purpose.
Marcia, the therapist, frequently compares therapy to that of an onion. Most people naturally dislike cutting into onions because of the profound discomfort that it undoubtedly causes. Most often, individuals will inadvertently overlook the sweetness found in the middle layers of an onion, eagerly waiting to be released through tears. She carefully designs treatment plans ostensibly based on the unique and specific needs of each client. All services are carefully woven to ensure a customized level of managed care because it is not likely that everyone will undergo the same life experiences. This is what Marcia calls the “Peculiar Place,” and clients are drawn to this peculiar nature and find solace and healing in her care.